Central Alabama Research

Sponsor's and CRO's

Top 5 reason's to choose Central Alabama Research:

1.  Rapid Start Up.  We always use a central IRB and we have a dedicated staff that has a less than two week turn around time.

2.  Dedicated Enrollment.  Through physician referrals, technologically advanced recruitment methods we strive to meet enrollment on or before projected deadlines.

3.  Medical Oversight.  Subject safety is a top priority at Central Alabama Research.  Barry  McLean, M.D., PhD.,  has over 30 years experience as a principal investigator and has been involved in over 200 clinical trials.  

4.  Quality Assurance:  We have a quality QA/QC program which include internal audits to achieve the highest quality of research.

5.  Quality Execution:  We pride ourselves in delivering extremely high quality data, data entry within 48 hours of study visits, and being easily accessible to the CRO's and Sponsor's.